Have fun learning to play on tempo {You Say by Lauren Daigle Worship Piano Tutorial}

Who loves playing along with a metronome?

If I’m honest, I’m probably hearing crickets from that question :)

I hear comments like these from students all the time…


“Can’t I just play how fast or slow I want to?”

Or my personal favorite…

“That metronome thing is EVIL!”

But, let me ask you a question...

Have you ever tried to play along with a song?

Chances are, you have.

Was it easy to do?

For most, probably not.


Not because you couldn’t play the song -

Not because you couldn’t remember the chords -

BUT, because you had to match their tempo exactly, or the whole thing would sound awful, right??

Imagine opening up Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music or whatever service you use to listen to music,

And pushing the “play” button on your favorite worship song.

Maybe it’s “What a Beautiful Name” or “Living Hope” or even an older song like “How Great is Our God”...

Now imagine yourself playing the song about 5 beats per minute faster than the recording and how that would affect the sound of it all.

Let’s take it a step further…

Let’s imagine you’re on stage, leading worship in a band in front of hundreds, even thousands of people.

You get up to lead the first song, and again, you’re playing 5 beats per minute faster than the rest of the band.

By the time they’ve finally hit the chorus, you’re already on the Bridge, playing completely different chords than the rest of the band.

We would call that a “Trainwreck” of an experience.

This is why learning to play to a tempo is SO VITALLY important!

If you ever want to play along with the recording of a song,

Accompany a singer,

Play with a band,

You MUST learn to play along with a metronome that is keeping a consistent time for you and everyone else.

Now, typically, students see this as majorly boring and even something they dread.

But, what if we could make it FUN?

Well, the good news, is that we can!

We’re going to show you a very simple pattern in the worship song “You Say” from Lauren Daigle which will help you learn to play along with a metronome!

And even have fun doing it!!

So, if you’re ready to get started, click the video and let’s do this!


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