Learn to Play Who You Say I Am from Hillsong on Piano!

I’m excited to present another tutorial for you guys this week! “Who You Say I Am” by Hillsong is a song that I love getting to lead. I love the power behind the lyrics of the song and the way God uses it to speak to us!

As you watch the tutorial, we are going to be diving deeper into the Key this song is in as well as into the chords of this song! You’ll walk away having a much better understanding of not only how to play this song, but also the Nashville Number System, which is used by most professional musicians to “speak the language” so to speak.

If you enjoy this video and would like more… More community, more tutorials, more coaching in both worship piano and guitar, I would love for you to check out an incredible membership program we have for you here:


But first, enjoy this tutorial of “Who You Say I Am” above.


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