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If you LOVE Lauren Daigle, don’t miss this piano tutorial! 🎹🎉

Sep 12, 2019


If you ever needed a reminder that God has GOT YOU, this is the song to do it!

We all go through our week to week regimens, focusing on the good, the bad and the ugly in our lives…

Completely losing sight of the fact that God is with us every step of the way.
And not only is He with us, He cares for you and for me.

If he clothes the flowers of the field and makes sure even the birds have food to eat,

How much more will He provide for you?

You, who are made in His very image…

You, who are loved so much by God Himself that He gave His Son to take on the bad and ugly in our lives…

You, who are actually called God’s SON or DAUGHTER…

Cling to that truth today and as you do, what better way to constantly remind yourself of that incredible truth, than by learning a song that underscores the idea perfectly!

The song “Everything” from Lauren Daigle is such a powerful song of remembrance and gratitude to our Father, 

And is one that...

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Learn to Play "Bigger Than I Thought" on Guitar! 🎸

Aug 26, 2019

I don’t know about you, but we are loving the song, “Bigger Than I Thought” from Sean Curran and Passion.

So much so, that we’ve now added a Guitar Tutorial for “Bigger Than I Thought” to our YouTube channel on guitar!

Take a look and see how one of the best in the business, Alex Nifong plays this great song in a couple different ways.

Alex has played with many artists over the years… Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Passion, Chris Tomlin, TobyMac, Christy Nockels, just to name a few.

He’s going to show you exactly how to play this song in both an open position as well (no capo) as well as in a position if you are wanting to use a capo!

Click on the video above and get started learning this great song from one of the best!

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Learn to Play “Another in the Fire” on Piano! 🎹

Aug 10, 2019

Learning to play the piano can be difficult! 

There are definitely challenges as you get started, right?

Learning to play and actually be fluent playing between all of the different notes on the piano (there are 88 of them)...

Learning to do two different things with each hand…

Let alone, learning the keys of music and becoming fluent as you play between them.

The challenges are real, but the help we want to provide to you is too :)

In the tutorial above, we’re going to walk you through learning to play “Another in the Fire” from Hillsong!

It’s an amazing song, that I’ve had the privilege of leading many times and one I hope really enjoy going through with us.

One of the reasons for teaching this song, is that it’s played in an extremely easy key to learn - the key of C.

You’ll see from our teaching exactly why it’s so easy and then how you can learn to play fluently in this key, not just for this song, but for any other...

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Learn to Play "Our God" on Piano! 🎹

Jul 29, 2019

Learning to play different songs easier and more efficiently is a skill that really takes root after continuous practice and repetition.

The knowledge of the concepts needed to be play these songs and needed to execute playing songs like this is a must have…

But what it really boils down to is COMFORT.

Comfort with the material being played in the song, yes and even comfort with the use of the different aspects of music theory in a particular song.

But more so comfort with the keys of music, their chords, the inversions going along with those chords as well as other modifications to them…

Feeling like you can, on a dime, transpose a song to another key if needed…

Knowing some of the “tendencies” that occur in worship music that can be learned and actually result in a much easier path towards playing whatever song you want!

If you’re not quite there yet, rest easy, we all have something we need to grow and develop in.

But, if you’re not...

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Julia Did It (And so can you!) 🎉🎉🎉

Jul 18, 2019

After over 30 years playing piano, Julia had a game-changing experience that happened just last Sunday!

And after 30 years, she learned to do something pretty incredible in only a few weeks after joining our program. 

Julia has been playing for her church for a while now. 

She had just recently started in our Worship Piano: Beginner to Pro course because she really wanted to learn this foundational concept called the Nashville Number System…

This concept is an incredible way to learn to play the worship music you love and learn to do it in a simple, more effective way than you ever thought possible.

Julia had never learned this method of identifying chords before and was brand new at it. 

After just a few weeks in the course, lightbulbs were turning on and things were making sense!

So much so, that just last Sunday, Julia had a monumental moment at church as she was playing!

Julia was playing for her church as she does most Sundays...

However, this Sunday...

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Why Do You Want to Learn Piano? {Hallelujah Here Below Piano Tutorial} 🎹🙌

Jul 12, 2019

Why do you want to learn to play piano?

Are you hoping to better yourself?

Is it something on your bucket list?

Maybe there is something deeper…

Maybe you want to play with other people in a group..

Nothing super formal - just some fun with friends in a hobby you all love.

Or maybe your goals and hopes go even deeper.

Maybe you actually want to learn to play piano because deep down, you would like to be able to provide yourself with more opportunities to worship our Heavenly Father through music. 

There are obviously many ways to worship our Father and the route of music is just one of them. 

But, maybe you would love to provide yourself with more of those opportunities or even lead others in worship through song.

Whatever your reason for learning, I’d love to know what it is! 

Simply hit reply to this email and let me know why you want to learn!

And in the meantime, I have an amazing worship piano tutorial for you because, after all…

You DO want...

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Learn to play one Kari Jobe’s most listened to songs - Revelation Song 🎹🙌

Jul 01, 2019

Chances are you’ve heard the song “Revelation Song” recorded by several artists, namely Kari Jobe! 

I love getting to lead this song and help usher others into the presence of God through it!

Today, we’re going to walk you through learning to play the song top to bottom, and as you learn it, you’ll be learning one of the most listened to songs recorded by Kari Jobe!

AND… What’s even better - you’ll be learning to apply something I call the ONE THING - something that all professional musicians know and use everyday to write music, play music and communicate with their band members.

Every professional musician knows and understands a concept in music called the Nashville Number System, which is this ONE THING that makes such a huge difference in the life of every musician that truly comes to understand it!

Truly understanding the Number System, will allow you to transpose music more effectively than you ever have before,...

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What’s Holding You Back from Learning to Play? {"Yes and Amen" Piano Tutorial}

Jun 23, 2019

What’s holding you back from learning to play the worship music you love on piano?

I really want to know!

Simply hit reply and let me know what’s holding you back.

Is it time?

Is it the perceived cost of lessons?

Is it fear of failure?

Whatever is holding you back, I would love to know.

I promise, I’ll be reading and responding to each and every one of your emails that come through.

In the meantime, let me show you how simple it can be to learn to play a worship song you probably already know on piano :)

We’re going to jump in to a tutorial of “Yes and Amen” from Chris Tomlin!

Click the video above and see how our method for helping you learn is better than the rest.



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Hillsong Worship Piano Tutorial 🎹 {Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)}

Jun 13, 2019

Growing up, learning to play songs like “Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)” really was a struggle.

I had such a hard time understanding the way chords worked…

Understanding that music was broken down into different groups of notes that sound good together called “Keys”...

And especially how someone could improvise on the fly.

All of these things that I understand now, were baffling to me even after I’d had several years of piano lessons.

Do you know what turned it all around for me?

Having the right coach.

Having a coach that understood what I wanted to achieve (my goal was to learn to play music I loved),

And that could give me a simple, easy to understand system to follow,

Helped me truly understand things about music that I never thought I would.

Does playing the music you love seem like it’s way off in the distance for you?

Does it seem like you’ll never be able to improvise, or play worship music using chords?

If so, all it takes is...

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One Thing Beginning Piano Players Fear the Most {“Bigger Than I Thought” Piano Tutorial}

Jun 06, 2019

There is one thing that beginning piano players, who are playing in a band, leading worship, etc, have an intense fear of…

You probably have an idea of what it is…

The thing that strikes fear into most every new piano player, is the dreaded question,

“Hey, do you think we could switch this song from the Key of C to the Key of B?”

I see it happen ALL THE TIME.

The keys player has learned his/her songs for the worship set they’re about to play and is feeling great about heading into the rehearsal or the service…

Only to be taken back by that incredibly awful question written above :)

Do you know why this question causes so much anxiety or fear?

It’s not that the Key of B is SO much harder to play in than the Key of C.

Quite honestly, someone could ask,

“Hey, let’s move this song from C to G” (which G, like C, is another very easy key to play in)

And it would still cause confusion and fear.

Which leads back to the question...

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