How to Overcome Stage Fright

I’m really excited about the blog today and the power behind the info!

If you’ve ever performed on a stage or hope to one day, then today’s blog is for YOU!

Performing in front of people, no matter how small or large the crowd, can be a very scary thing! In fact, I would say that they smaller the crowd, the more it requires of you to really perform well and engage the audience well.

Even after the hundreds, possibly thousands of shows I’ve played throughout my career so far, I still have a little bit of nervousness before heading out to play. I want my contribution to the set to be solid and impactful and leave people glad that they decided to come!

Whether you’re worried about being able to play the songs correctly, remember all the chords in the songs, or just scared you MIGHT make a mistake, nerves play a role in just about every performance for everyone.

Today, one of our coaches, Carly Burruss is going to give you some incredible insight into how to overcome the stagefright!

Carly coaches piano, voice and songwriting for us at Rooted, is an artist herself and leads worship at Passion City Church here in Atlanta. She has some great perspective that I hope you’ll check out today!

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