If you LOVE Lauren Daigle, don’t miss this piano tutorial! 🎹🎉


If you ever needed a reminder that God has GOT YOU, this is the song to do it!

We all go through our week to week regimens, focusing on the good, the bad and the ugly in our lives…

Completely losing sight of the fact that God is with us every step of the way.

And not only is He with us, He cares for you and for me.

If he clothes the flowers of the field and makes sure even the birds have food to eat,

How much more will He provide for you?

You, who are made in His very image…

You, who are loved so much by God Himself that He gave His Son to take on the bad and ugly in our lives…

You, who are actually called God’s SON or DAUGHTER…

Cling to that truth today and as you do, what better way to constantly remind yourself of that incredible truth, than by learning a song that underscores the idea perfectly!

The song “Everything” from Lauren Daigle is such a powerful song of remembrance and gratitude to our Father, 

And is one that has blessed me so much and I know will do so for you too.

To get started learning this amazing song today, click on the video above and we’ll jump in! 

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