New Hillsong Tutorial πŸŽ‰πŸŽΉ

Learning to play worship songs on piano happens one step, one song at a time. 

The simple, gradual growth that happens in us as we learn a new song, a new concept, etc...

Allows us to build a solid foundation with which to grow from.

If you've had a goal to learn to play your favorite worship songs on piano, but have been falling short, chances are you've just been missing something...

Maybe you've been missing the right coach, 

Maybe you've lacked time, 

Or you may have even lacked funds. 

Well, good news for you all today - I'm ready to help on your time and at an affordable cost. 

Check out our tutorial above of Hillsong Worship's King of Kings and take your next step towards learning to play your favorite worship songs on piano!

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