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3 essential effects every guitar player should know

May 31, 2018

Today we have something really special in store and I’m pumped to share it with you!

Having known and played with many great electric guitar players, I know the struggle it can be (and was for them initially) to find out how to produce great tone. It can be a bit elusive, right?

From having to think through the guitar you play, the types of cables you use (TRUE BYPASS!!!), the pedals, the amp…

It gets intense real quick, especially when you’re first getting started. If you don’t have someone helping you walk through it, or a lot of money to blow on different products as you narrow down your options, you’re in a tight spot.

This is why I wanted to sit down with one of the best lead guitar players out there - Daniel Carson. Daniel’s a friend of mine and has been playing lead with Chris Tomlin for almost 2 decades!

He’s gone through the struggles of finding the signature tone we all look for and came out the other side with the answers.


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Coaching Tips: What Amp To buy for Live Events?

May 17, 2018


If you play electric guitar in any live setting, you know how big of a deal an amplifier is. It can be the secret to great tone, or it can be the reason your tone needs work.

 This is why I’m excited to share what Shane has to say. One of our great coaches at RMC, Shane Cole, shares with us some incredible thoughts on what types of amps you need in order to succeed.

Shane is an accomplished electric guitar as well as bass player. Shane plays for up and coming country artist, Seth Ennis, and has toured with many other artists including Daniel Bashta.

Check out the video and let us know what you think!

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