6th-12th Worship Choir


Worship Choir

At Rooted Music Coaching, our desire is for these students to be rooted in Christ, depending and trusting on Him with their lives. Because, as he abides in us, we can rest in His perfect love He has for us. We can live out our purpose in such an incredible confidence, which ultimately leads us to producing a Legacy.


Our vision for our worship choirs is for this group of students to be a force within our surrounding community. As we lead our communities in worship, we want to leave a LEGACY. As we participate in service opportunities, we want to leave a LEGACY. As we live in community with each other, we want to leave a LEGACY.

In our Worship Choir, your student will experience...

Worship in Community

Students are learning what it means to lead others in worship, surrounded by their friends and coaches!

Service Opportunities

Students in these groups will have an opportunity each semester to perform for a local nursing home and homeless ministry in Atlanta! 

Joy in Worship

Our coaches love leading our choirs, as they help them understand and experience what a joy it is to worship our God.


LCA 6th-12th Worship Choir



Our 6th-12th Worship Troupe is an incredible group of students, who love to sing together. This group will have an opportunity each semester to perform for a local nursing home here in the Alpharetta area, as well as perform at our Family Worship Gathering at the conclusion of each semester.

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